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Bipan’s byte 41

Star Date: Tuesday 9 October

OK… so we recognise that last week’s conundrum was really just a probability question which had been dressed up a bit.

Well, the chances of Stu not getting a samosa when he blindly reached out for the lunch buffet were 89/138. (There were a total of 138 items on the table of which 49 were samosa; therefore 89 were not!)

BTW: Stu has still not completely recovered from the headlock experience and is closely monitoring how much time I spend on my blog…

Hence, just a quickie today.
The number 987654321 is multiplied by 9

How many times does the digit 8 appear in the result?

Is it a: 1 b: 16 c: 9 d: 2

Answers next week (and the first of the Figure Fun clues – bet you can’t wait)

Brighton SEO Wash-Up

Another great day at BrightonSEO.

I won’t dwell on the great venue, excellent surroundings and first class event organisation by the BrightonSEO team – Stuart has already pretty much covered that elsewhere.

For my part, I want to focus on real message that came out pf the event from a business point of view – the main points that translate into providing an even better service for JSASWeb clients.

For me there are two key developments in the search world:

First – Voice Search is Going to be BIG.

worthing VEO and SEOVoice Engine Optimasation (VEO) is going to become ever more important over the next 2 to 3 years.  While searches through voice applications like Siri currently account for 20% or so of search enquiries, ever improving technology, and users becoming more familiar and comfortable with this method of search, means the 50% tipping point is expected to be reached sooner rather than later.  The smart money is on getting ahead of the game.  If your website is the one hitting the top spot in these searches, you’re already picking up business most others are missing at the moment.

Second – Featured Snippets are the Fast Track to Top Page Ranking

Brigthon SEO and VEOThe quick answers to questions you see on the first page of a Google search page means your website can appear at the top of the results, even if your website as a whole isn’t getting anything like that ranking.   The work you do to get in the Featured Snippets list is a specific part of a wider SEO campaign, but focusing on this one element can pay big dividends as it can get results faster (and thereby more cheaply) than ranking the webs pages in general.

Every now and then, the ever developing world of online search throws up a very clear flag to say – hey guys, this is the way to make a big difference to your marketing spend and,  personally, I see these two staying at the top of the flagpole for the foresee-able.

Worthing SEO and VEO

Have we shrunk in the wash again?


Back to the Future (Again!)

JSASWeb were proud to support Brighton SEO again; what a world class event.

The presenters we saw were first class, the trade exhibitors were welcoming and Kelvin and the BrightonSEO team, together with event sponsors Deep Crawl, did a tip top job of arranging/supporting everything. Jerry’s top presentation of the day was Briony Gunson (effective planning for small – medium agencies and consultancies), I found the Voice Search session with Greg Gifford, Stuart Shaw and Purna Virj very interesting, and we both agreed that Grant Simmons presentation pre-lunch, was great.

The props in Auditorium 1 were equally awesome; many lamented the demise of the VW Camper Van, but the giant deckchair and the De Lorean were fun and provided an excellent backdrop for selfies.

worthing SEO and online marketing

Stuart is Living The Dream!

All in all, a great show. We learnt a lot, laughed a lot and met many colleagues. We also confirmed that JSASWeb is on track with industry trends and well placed to deliver maximum value to our clients.

Looking forward to next April.





Bipan’s Byte Number 40

………Star Date: Wednesday 3 October 2018


so… there was no spare £1.

Each of the three people put in £9 (making a total of £27); the correct bill was £25,  and the waiter kept £2 as a tip.


Last week me, Beatrix, Eddie and Pip were left in blissful peace, as Jerry and Stu attended the big bash in Brighton


We had a lot of fun in their absence, picked up two new projects and sampled various coffees  from several local suppliers.

The boys (apparently) had an equally good time, at the event and in the bars and bazaars afterwards. Jerry commented that the magical mystical lunch on Friday was particularly noteworthy and that reminded me of this conundrum…

After the welcome words from the host, lunch platters were uncovered. These contained twenty five “best of brighton” baps, sixty four slices of quiche and marmite, and forty nine vegetable samosas.  Jerry led the charge for food as he was in prime position after chatting to Grant Simmons of Homes.com (whose presentation – The Batman SEO Toolbelt to Vanquish Google’s SERP – was splendid by the way).  However, Stu could not see the luxuries on offer as the lovely lady from DeepCrawl  had him in a headlock

.brightno SEO Partner


Determined not to miss out on the lunch offering, Stu reached out blindly and filled his plate with goodies. Given that the baps, toast and samosas were mixed at random, what was the chance of Stu not getting his hands on a samosa?


Answer next Tuesday folks; enjoy your week and … don’t forget your random act of kindness

Bipan’s Byte (39)

Star date: 25 September 2018


Well… the answer to last weeks teaser was…

Three times.


This happens when the clock changes from 09 59 59 to 10 00 00, from 19 59 59 to 20 00 00,

and from 23 59 59 to 00 00 00

Congratulations to those who worked it out, and commiserations to those who sat up for 24 hours watching the clock…

I like the number three (funny how you become associated with numbers really)


Anyway this week, we’ll explore something practical using threes.

Three mates go out for a drink and a plate of nibbles. The bill comes to £30 and they each chip in £10. Easy..

But, then the waiter advises that actually the bill was £25 and he had mistakenly charged for three (not one) plate of nibbles.  He suggests that 5 isn’t easily divisible by 3, and offers each person £1 back – pocketing a cool £2 as a tip!


Each “mate” has now paid £9 each, making a total of £27. The waiter has kept £2.

What has happened to the other £1?


Answers next week, but check under your seat to see if there is a £1 coin lurking there…

JSAS Moving Forward

Here at JSASWeb, we’re not afraid of taking a dose of our own medicine.


We have assessed where we are, where we want to be, and how we can get there.  As a result….

JSAS Web has repositioned itself in the rialto, restructured the team, revised work processes, and re-branded ourselves.

This means we are now able to offer an enhanced level of service to existing and new clients.
Contact us to confirm how we can help to further improve your business.

Bipan’s Byte (Number 38)

Star Date 19 September 2018.


Hi everyone, my name is Bipan Chandra and I am one of the team at JSASWeb.

Jerry (who is the Big Boss) and Stu (who is the other Boss) have let me have my very own section on the site; so I’m going to scribble away each week and get you thinking!

I enjoyed numbers at Uni and I like solving problems so – here’s an easy one to get you started (or as Jeremy  Paxman would say “your starter for 10”)


 On a digital clock that displays hours minutes and seconds, how many times in each 24 hour period do all six digits change simultaneously?


 Answer next Tuesday folks (but you’ll have figured this by your second coffee today!)

JSASWeb takes pride in supporting the Community


Here at JSASWeb, we take pride in supporting the community and helping those who help others.

Each team member has their own favourite charity or cause, and on a corporate  level JSASWeb currently supports these three organisations:

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution


The Chestnut Tree Children’s Hospice

Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance