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Bipan’s byte 41

Star Date: Tuesday 9 October

OK… so we recognise that last week’s conundrum was really just a probability question which had been dressed up a bit.

Well, the chances of Stu not getting a samosa when he blindly reached out for the lunch buffet were 89/138. (There were a total of 138 items on the table of which 49 were samosa; therefore 89 were not!)

BTW: Stu has still not completely recovered from the headlock experience and is closely monitoring how much time I spend on my blog…

Hence, just a quickie today.
The number 987654321 is multiplied by 9

How many times does the digit 8 appear in the result?

Is it a: 1 b: 16 c: 9 d: 2

Answers next week (and the first of the Figure Fun clues – bet you can’t wait)