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Brighton SEO Wash-Up

Another great day at BrightonSEO.

I won’t dwell on the great venue, excellent surroundings and first class event organisation by the BrightonSEO team – Stuart has already pretty much covered that elsewhere.

For my part, I want to focus on real message that came out pf the event from a business point of view – the main points that translate into providing an even better service for JSASWeb clients.

For me there are two key developments in the search world:

First – Voice Search is Going to be BIG.

worthing VEO and SEOVoice Engine Optimasation (VEO) is going to become ever more important over the next 2 to 3 years.  While searches through voice applications like Siri currently account for 20% or so of search enquiries, ever improving technology, and users becoming more familiar and comfortable with this method of search, means the 50% tipping point is expected to be reached sooner rather than later.  The smart money is on getting ahead of the game.  If your website is the one hitting the top spot in these searches, you’re already picking up business most others are missing at the moment.

Second – Featured Snippets are the Fast Track to Top Page Ranking

Brigthon SEO and VEOThe quick answers to questions you see on the first page of a Google search page means your website can appear at the top of the results, even if your website as a whole isn’t getting anything like that ranking.   The work you do to get in the Featured Snippets list is a specific part of a wider SEO campaign, but focusing on this one element can pay big dividends as it can get results faster (and thereby more cheaply) than ranking the webs pages in general.

Every now and then, the ever developing world of online search throws up a very clear flag to say – hey guys, this is the way to make a big difference to your marketing spend and,  personally, I see these two staying at the top of the flagpole for the foresee-able.

Worthing SEO and VEO

Have we shrunk in the wash again?


Back to the Future (Again!)

JSASWeb were proud to support Brighton SEO again; what a world class event.

The presenters we saw were first class, the trade exhibitors were welcoming and Kelvin and the BrightonSEO team, together with event sponsors Deep Crawl, did a tip top job of arranging/supporting everything. Jerry’s top presentation of the day was Briony Gunson (effective planning for small – medium agencies and consultancies), I found the Voice Search session with Greg Gifford, Stuart Shaw and Purna Virj very interesting, and we both agreed that Grant Simmons presentation pre-lunch, was great.

The props in Auditorium 1 were equally awesome; many lamented the demise of the VW Camper Van, but the giant deckchair and the De Lorean were fun and provided an excellent backdrop for selfies.

worthing SEO and online marketing

Stuart is Living The Dream!

All in all, a great show. We learnt a lot, laughed a lot and met many colleagues. We also confirmed that JSASWeb is on track with industry trends and well placed to deliver maximum value to our clients.

Looking forward to next April.





JSAS Moving Forward

Here at JSASWeb, we’re not afraid of taking a dose of our own medicine.


We have assessed where we are, where we want to be, and how we can get there.  As a result….

JSAS Web has repositioned itself in the rialto, restructured the team, revised work processes, and re-branded ourselves.

This means we are now able to offer an enhanced level of service to existing and new clients.
Contact us to confirm how we can help to further improve your business.