Getting The Job Done Properly

There is so much more to selling your products and services online than being at the top of search engine listings.  Your audience now access information online via multiple channels, and to really succeed you need to identify how to get your message across to them in a targeted and effective way.

JSASWeb offers a full range of online marketing techniques, each one a precision tool to reach and convert a particular target audience.  Choose the right combination to build your marketing strategy, and construct a winning online presence.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO has come a long way in the last few years, and the search engines (including Google) now really focus on high quality content to present the searcher with the best web pages to answer a query.

In practical terms – this means it is vital to have well written, relevant, multi media content on your web pages, and similarly well written and relevant content linking back to your website from Blogs, YouTube, Social Media and other well ranked websites.

Quality Really Does Count

There are other more technical elements of SEO, but Google has made it clear – content is King. Good content rules the rankings.


Voice Engine Optimisation (VEO)

worthing VEO and SEO

Voice searches are the new boy on the search block, and getting more and more important by the day. We’re all using spoken searches on Siri, Alexa, Google Home and the like more and more, especially on our smart phones.

Over 20% of queries on Google are now voice searches, and it is expected that they will overtake typed searches by 2021.  So, neglecting the chance to get your website at the top of the Voice Search results can mean missing a significant number of inquiries or orders.

Small Changes – Big Results

The SEO work you do for organic search is still important, but the triggers for written results are not all the same as for voice search results. In other words, getting top of the page for Google results doesn’t mean best results for a voice search.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Successfully driving visitors to your website is, quite rightly, a major part of your marketing effort.  If no-one is in the shop, how are you going to sell to them.

But then what? –  If your content doesn’t get your phone ringing it was all wasted effort and expense.

Hook ‘Em, Then Land ‘Em

Your content needs to grab a visitors attention, both visually and with words, tell them what they want to hear, then motivate them to make that call, or place that order.

By taking the time to fully understand your business and your target audience, then applying the most effective marketing techniques, we’ll ensure your website content is optimised to convert as many visitors to customers as you possibly can.




Images, graphics and video make a website work. They attract attention, draw in the audience and hold them on the page.But that’s all they do.

To get the viewer to take action, to join, to motivate, to buy – you need words.

Know What Your Website is Really For – Then Let Everyone Else Know

Your website should be designed and written to keep your audience and customers happy. People are on your website because they want something – what you sell, what you can teach them, the service you provide. So, if you want their cash, give them what they want.  And do it with clear, stimulating, well written copy. You only have a moment to grab the attention of your audience, make sure you seize it:


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a marketing powerhouse. Images, words, ideas, gossip, news – all flow through social media accounts every second of every day.

Tapping in to this content hungry audience allows you to put across your message and brand in subtle, but powerful, ways that generate awareness and interest.

Soft Sell – Hard Results

To work effectively, using your social media accounts to build a following requires a soft touch. Spam and a too obvious hard sell just turns people off. You need messages and content that entertains as well as informs – which can be a challenge for many businesses.

Our Social Media specialists know how to press the right buttons for your target audience, and will work closely with you to craft and present your business in a way that shows you matter.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click advertising is now available across a range of websites, from Google Adwords and Facebook Ads through to more specialist and niche platforms such as Adblade.

The advantage of paid advertising is you can reach a closely targeted audience very quickly, and Pay Per Click means you’re only paying for people who actually visit your website.

Fast Results – Targeted Audience

Success comes from making sure you get your message in front of the right audience, and this means expertly managed advertising campaigns are crucial.  You need the support of a team that understands how PPC really works, which websites are best matched to your target audience,  and how to get the most out of your advertising budget.  JSASWeb are the team to do this for you.