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Almost all business owners  have an online presence, and recognise the need to maximise that particular, unique, marketing opportunity. Normally  their website has been cleverly designed and is very attractive, and sometimes the company hosting their site has offered Search Engine Optimisation  (SEO) services as a “bolt on” to the domain hosting cost package.

Sadly, these SEO services are often not good value for money.


Automated optimisation is cheap, but allowing a machine to select  keywords (which define and promote your business and help boost ratings) is fraught with problems.  Frequently these keywords don’t really say what you want, and often they are joined together in a grammatically haphazard way.

Analysing who visits your website, when and why, how long they linger and what attracted them is very useful information indeed. But, asking those running a business to undertake this time consuming task (which requires specialist skills) would be unfair and unworkable.

Asking the JSASWeb team to extract a tooth, tie and present a beautiful bunch of flowers, or treat a lame dog would be very unwise and probably unsuccessful. We leave those tasks to those who know best and are skilled to provide those services…


Asking the JSASWeb team to work in harmony with your own business would allow you to focus on what you do best, and ensure our specialists provide the online marketing expertise you deserve.

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Excited observer:   “Look! They’ve done it; it’s taken them eight weeks to train that rabbit to climb a tree.”

Wise observer: “Why didn’t they stick to what they know and hire a squirrel?”

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