Online marketing has a great advantage – the team at JSASWeb do not need to sit in a central office to do a great job, and this works extremely well as:

  • We don’t have the overheads of a large office space, meaning that cost is not passed on to you.
  • We can use a pool of talent from Worthing to Wigan, Brighton to Beijing and Southsea to Seattle – not just those who can make it to a local office.
  • Online conferencing and video means we’re all still in touch all day, every day, just like every other team.

So, we no longer rent designated office space for the team. It’s more cost effective for us (and far more flexible) to work remotely using high speed secure broadband, and pass those savings on to you.

For meeting with you, we either sit down somewhere quiet that serves good coffee in Worthing or Brighton, or (better still) meet at your place of business.

This not only saves you time and travel costs, but  it helps us get a true feel for your operation and company vibe.

We do have our trusty landline telephone numbers (01903 442077 & 01273 978198) which is always answered by a member of the team during office hours.

Give it a try, we’d love to hear from you!

As a UK Limited Company (08244762) we do have a registered office – 31 West Buildings, Worthing, BN11 3BS.

Coincidentally, this is also the office of David Jarman who deals with our accounts and regulatory compliance (and does a jolly good job).

Team Contacts

We look forward to hearing from you, doing business with you, and sharing the joy that success brings.

Worthing Base